The Teen Turf Tyke, is a newish Baby Mesh avatar. And while it may not look like all that much, it actually comes with a lot. There are multiple baby avatars that come with the shape, a t-shirt, a diaper, an ao, and male and female hair. It's basically a complete avatar. It also has a headless version that comes with a skin, hair eyes and whatnot. Oh did I mention this avi comes with pre textured eyes? Each eye can be it own color, you can use prim eyes or mesh eyes as well if you'd like.

The shape easily fits most hairs though like with all avis, you may have to modify the hair a bit, it's not mesh hair friendly. I like how you can change the expression on the face, or you can even buy a closed eye addon for those bedtime pictures.

There aren't a lot of stores selling clothes for this avi yet, but I see potential in it. And I'm hoping that maybe people will want to make skins for it too so we can all get a little more personalized. The default facial expression doesn't have the mouth open, but it just looks so cute that way! The clothes are pretty cheap at the Teen Turf as well, only 100$L a piece. And it comes with a skin tint hud, so you can make it darker and lighter depending on what you want. You can even turn yourself purple! I think it's definitely worth trying out :)
>.Iris Menna.<

Avatar: TTT Mesh Toddler Avatar 9 2.0
Female Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Clementine Hair - Browns Pack
Female Outfit: ! TEEN TURF ! Tyke Three-in-one Sweets  Set
Male Hair: Yasyn - Bangarang - Grandma's Hot Cocoa
Male Outfit: ! TEEN TURF ! Tyke Party set


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