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Yep more stuff form the arcade, the more I trade the more stuff I like from there, so I'mma blog even more stuff, and no this isn't everything that I like from there either. I have TONS more things that I want to get, but these are some of my favorites.
I shall start with the props. You notice that there's a chair, and it's a really well made mesh chair that comes in many different colors. I got lucky on my first shot and got pink, which isn't rare but it's still the one I liked most. The pillows are animated attachments, that yo just add and it lays you down on them. There's just so many poses and props here and I love them all but I can only blog so much at a time.
And I know I usually talk a lot more than this but because the style list is SO long this time, I'm going to keep it short. But here is a link to the Arcade Shopper's Guide, where you can see some of the things some of the stores are offering, not everything is on the page and not all of the stores are on the guide so you have to check it out because there really is so much to it.
>.Iris Ventris.<
From Left to right:
-On Ir-
Head: (fd) BB Doll Head - Neutral *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*
Dress: Baiastice_Bibbe dress-white/black-size XS *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*
Shoes: :pesca:canvas sneaker/herringbone/gray *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*
Chair w/ prop book: Alouette - The Bibliotheque Chair - Pink *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*
-On Iris-
Hair: Clawtooth: Doolittle Prize 5 *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*
Top: :Paper.Doll: Bow Bandeau: Rosebuds *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*
Backpack: ~Tableau Vivant~ Backpack - Floral pink *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*
Shorts: {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts ~ Anchors
Skates: The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates - Candy *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*
Pillow prop: flowey/ 'in dreams' #9 *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*
-On Kendall-
Hood: [AUX] Wild Rumpus Romper - SHEEP (CROWN) RARE *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*
Romper: [AUX] Wild Rumpus Romper - Gray - xxs RARE *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*
Tail: [Aux] Wild Rumpus Tail - Goat (white) *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*
Pillow Prop: flowey/ in dreams #1 *The ARCADE- Spring 2013*



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